Clairvoyant/Psychic reading
This ''IS" the most practical earthly reality reading done in order for you to make changes in your family, love, professional, school-college life...the most needed guidance given to the querent for getting 100% out of their mundane world ...its for all who think that they are doing their best and yet are not finding the results and are unable to achieve or manifest their goals in their career. Delay in promotions or non-appraisal at work place or stagnant paycheck every part of your professional life will be read and an accurate time based prediction will be done for your future career graph and life. For people who have challenges in their family lives due to spouse or children or other family members remedies will be provided and according to the problem or issue in question even a tarot spell (white magick only )...a pragmatic practical approach to living your life feeling fulfilled and contented will be the main resolution achieved for family oriented people. students who are currently not able to concentrate or pay attention to their emotional confusions which is causing them the frustration in their whole system and creating intense dislikes and hatred towards the whole society at large, I will give a reading with light codes in it to release karmic confusion towards the planet and will instill in you an liking an orientation towards your future in the world. making you a intrinsic part of the society and allowing you to feel liberated from negative and suicidal tendencies or violent abusive traits...also this light codes will lessen the urge to play internet games that wastes your energies and leads you towards destructive, sabotaging attitudes. Peer pressure will be identified and will be explained in detail as to how to avoid the conflict and understand that harmony must prevail within you to be an achiever and fulfill your dreams and make them into a reality.
This reading gives you an accurate snap shot of your current life challenges and how to resolve them. It is the most bang on reading with amazing insights and high lights on why are u facing this problem and what is the way out by simply understanding what is your role in the process. It’s like casting a stone to know your destiny.
Fee: 88

Angel Card Readings
In this reading i will use all kinds of angel decks to give you precise messages from our universal messengers of love and light the angelic hierarchy on how to understand your spiritual mission and put it into action .It is Fun filled reading loaded with the generous energy of the loving angels who are always around you. Angels shower you with super love filled capsules on how to achieve your earthly goals. They will give messages on how to handle every single segment of your life and with their genuine messages lead you towards light from the shadows of light held within you which creates pockets of stress and anxiety leading you towards fatigue and lack of passion towards your purpose. Also these fire beings bring in so much light from the heart of GOD in your reading that you will instantly feel whole and healed. They bring in your life miracles through simple understanding of the "SELF" by allowing the HIGHER SELF to lead your chariot called life.
Fee: 88

Goddess Oracle
In this reading she brings her unique touch by calling on the Ancients Goddesses of Lemuria and beyond. She specializes in weaving the Lemurian energy with strands of Goddess Light and Love in each reading .highlights on how to bring empowerment in your current life, in-depth reading focusing on the four bodies or levels of consciousness—spiritual, mental, emotional and physical—that make up the whole person. Lemurian Goddess reading reveals the divine feminine and masculine patterns in one’s life .Segregating your internal imbalances and splits within the cellular structures of your DNA which has lead to the disconnection.
Goddesses bring in the most highest level of charged energies which can trigger amazing momentum in your slow, heavy day to day lives .Lemurian Goddesses teach that the art of love was the constant theme guiding their lives, they achieved mastery in the art of love filled living and the Creator blessed these beings by allowing them to transcend into the world of light together out of the fabric of etheric time. These love molecules guided the lives of Lemurians. In that era the woman was considered holy and powerful, she was worshipped for her matriarch tendencies of a nurturer and provider of comfort to her children in her bosom and contained the God's in her Yoni with immense loyalty towards her role as a matriarch. this kind of respect needs to be developed by the woman and man of this era too. I will include a subliminal data which will smoothen out the creases in your love life while giving the reading to you in text or voice file. She specializes in weaving the Lemurian energy with strands of Goddess Light and Love in each reading.It is told to her that the Lemurian Goddesses would one day fully re-emerge—at the time of the Great Shift in Consciousness. Now is that time.they hint you to love and honour your sacred sexuality and re-voke the flame of cosmic orgasmic waves which created US all. come heal the wo"man" hidden in all.
Fee: 88

Soul Numerology & Esoteric Tarot from the Atlantean and Egyptian High Priestess.
Clairvoyant-esoteric tarot readings will be channeled from the Atlanteans and Egyptian high priestesses. Symbols will be sent specially for clearing clutter and confusion from your lives. This is very prime energy reading as it comes straight from the masters of intent and manifestations. Masters who knew how to create magic in their daily lives with the know how of science, structure of sacred geometry and crystals. I also incorporate the 13 lunar cycles of the tzol'kin calendar of the Mayans with accurate precision , these star people were the indigenous-shamanic race on our planet Gaia who ascended into the . Soul's primordial numerology to predict the past/present/future where in you can ask any question based on your emotional-physical-mental-spiritual self.
Fee: 88
Children of Light Reading
The Indigo,Crystal,Dolphin,Rainbow,Alcyone,Golden,Lunar,Diamond,Emerald,Pearl,Pink & Magenta Children
This reading is mainly for all the new age adults and children currently graduating from the earth school and who all have come during the time of the consciousness shift to aid the humans on the planet towards ascension. Children and adults from 77 soul families have incarnated on the planet in waves. Leaders and pioneers of the 77 rays came in much earlier then their whole wave came in for exploration. As beings the torch bearers and water testers on the planets this adults have gathered a lot of chaos and confusion while on the journey. Good news is that this reading will help u E.A.S.E out the painful filaments and environmental stress absorbed in your energy bodies and which has created outbursts in your physical will receive powerful alignments energetically that will assist your own life to flower more deeply. You are also offered understandings of the God consciousness qualities that each of your soul families carry and what are your essential needs to maintain the natural frequency as being of souls from higher light structure. I offer this to you through my heart. I witness so many adults whose souls did not receive the essential needs and are unable to maintain their natural soul frequency and their openness in their energy. My reading will allow you to accept your uniqueness and all the new age children on the Earth who came as waves may be loved, recognized and honored and supported to be who they are as they are growing ,so they do not feel the need to shutdown their energy bodies like the adults who came in before and get caught up in the web and having to listen to the need to open again , doing the release work that many lovelightworkers have experienced on their path as a torchbearers of this children of light.
Fee: 88
Handwriting and Signature Analysis for Personal and Corporates.
This reading gives the person a comprehensive understanding about their conscious and sub conscious personality, it directs them to see the hidden traits that are causing set backs to them, that's withdrawing from achieving their goals and ambitions. Precise assessment is made of the emotional make up and mental patterns from the way they write. Criminal, suicidal, violent, abusive, internal hidden fears, destructive imaginations, all of these traits are easily identified from the handwriting. Pointers are given to rectify the handwriting in order to succeed and overcome self sabotaging and self limiting behavior. This session is especially very good for students, children and aspiring professionals who aim to achieve big.
Signature is analyzed, in order to highlight to what part of them is stopping from being focused on the goals that they set in order to reach their zenith. A signature analysis reflects your challenges and to some extent your fate too. The signature also helps them to identify the character and sense of disposition, it can also warn you against any mishappening in your life.
This analysis is very beneficial for corporate world to get assessment of the personality traits of employees and improve their productivity, Attorneys, Investigative journalists and TV and radio news programmers.
To have your handwriting analyzed please do the following :-
(a) Using a full sheet of unlined A4 or foolscap paper write a page about any subject you like, or you can give a brief description of yourself, you could discuss what you like or dislike about the town you live in. There are literally hundreds of subjects. Tell me about your pets, what your hobbies are. The subject is not important.
(b) Make sure you use a pen that you are comfortable with.
(c) Your signature is necessary at the bottom of the page as this indicates that you have agreed to have your handwriting analyzed, apart from the fact that your signature is one of the most important aspects of the analysis. It indicates quite a lot about your self - the side that you choose to portray to the world - your ego
Use your normal every day handwriting. Just be yourself - this is not an exam or some sort of test where you may feel that you have to use what you consider to be your very best writing. If you make a mistake just carry on. The more natural the handwriting the better the analysis will be.
Important: If you have some medical condition that effects your handwriting in any way, you must make me aware of that.
Fee: 88
Name rectification for Personal & Corporates.
Numerology is a science that can be applied as per the cycle of your destiny number and your personality number which are your gifts from the divine in order to understand what all is your experience going to be while on earth. According to your numbers rectifications are suggested in your name which brings amazing results in your practical life and accelerates your spiritual journey with clarity .COMPANY names and Logo’s are designed for new start ups and corporate ventures including designing the business cards and promotional brochures with your lucky colours and number vibrations. Rectifications are done for already registered companies to increase sales and revenues and make solid profits in your business....This is a wonderful reading for all who wish to have profit making successful companies.
Fee : 88